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Everything you need to know about Barcelona
The best an ideal opportunity to visit the Barcelona is from May to June when refreshing temperatures in the low to mid-70s work with a whirlwind of celebrations that trumpet the coming of summer. The genuine mid year is clingy with mugginess – local people leave their cherished city in large numbers to get a breeze elsewhere. They return for the fall when the normal highs drop once more into the 70s. Winter is mellow contrasted with other Spanish objections, with highs in the high 50s.

And keeping in mind that coming throughout the spring may appear brilliant thought for staying away from swarms, April sees visit showers, which may discourage touring plans (the majority of Barcelona's top attractions are experienced outside). Remember that regardless of what season you'll visit, there will be vacationer swarms: Barcelona is the most-visited city in Spain.

January to April
If its all the same to you skirting the sea shore or bringing along a coat, this is a decent an ideal opportunity to visit in case you're searching for a deal excursion to Barcelona. Normal temperatures in January and February include highs in the high 50s and lows in the low 40s and high 30s. However, on the other hand, you won't experience the issue of elbowing your way through picture-taking vacationers at the Park Güell or Sagrada Familia . Temperatures begin to get in March and April, with highs in the low 60s, yet April is known for getting a lot of showers.

May - June
This short spring season is the ideal chance to visit. Lovely temperatures in the high 60s to mid-70s are joined by different carnivalesque celebrations. Furthermore, you'll revel in realizing that you snuck in and appreciated Barcelona before the late spring vacationer surge. Book your cheap flight tickets to Barcelona and come in this season with your loved ones.

July - August
Summer comprises the high traveler season; temperatures, mugginess and costs (on everything from airfare to lodgings) are additionally at their most noteworthy. You can anticipate that highs should be in the low 80s, joined by stickiness, and temperatures are infamous for not bringing down a ton around evening time. Thusly, August sees huge amounts of Catalans leaving for monthlong get-aways in more mild spots.

The vacationer season eases back and lodging rates fall a tad throughout the fall, and normal high temperatures are in the high to low 70s. You can at present presumably pull off a dip in the Mediterranean in September, however come October, with lows during the 50s, the water begins to turn out to be excessively cold for a plunge. Also, in spite of the fact that highs in October stay agreeable at 70 degrees by and large, the month sees the most downpour of some other month of the year. November to December likewise encounter some downpour and usher in highs from the high 50s the low 60s . While there might be less sightseers contrasted with summer for most of this season, Christmas and New Year's will introduce heaps of traveling Spaniards and Europeans.

Frequently asked questions

Is Barcelona safe for tourist?
It's a superb spot to visit in Spain—and, for the most part, is very protected. ... Barcelona is a major city (the second-biggest in Spain). As a well known vacationer location, it additionally draws pickpockets and con artists who could discourage your experience. All things considered, Spain is protected to visit—as long as you utilize certain safeguards.

Is Barcelona worth visiting?
It's an awesome spot to visit in Spain—and, for the most part, is very sheltered. ... Barcelona is a major city (the second-biggest in Spain). As a mainstream vacationer location, it additionally draws pickpockets and con artists who could discourage your experience. All things considered, Spain is protected to visit—as long as you utilize certain safety measures. This is awesome city in Spain so I recommend you to prior book online flight reservation for this spot and then spend time here.

Can I wear shorts in Barcelona?
Abstain from wearing easygoing shorts in the city, spare them for the sea shore, wearing them somewhere else will for the most part name you as a vacationer. A skirt or baggy light weight texture pants are more appropriate since they will shield you from the sun.

How many days do you need in Barcelona?
How long do you have to visit? I think to truly figure out Barcelona you should anticipate four or five days. While you could see it in less, you'll do yourself an injury on the off chance that you surge your visit. This is a city of late-night suppers, late morning, and evening breaks.

Does Barcelona have beaches?
For sun admirers, Barcelona is exactly what you're searching for! It's coastline extends for 4.5km and offers the sightseers a wide assortment of superb sea shores. The most well known sea shores among our guests incorporate Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Icaria and Bogatell.

Is it expensive to eat in Barcelona?
Overall, the expense of food in Barcelona isn't costly. For instance, supper costs go from 7 to 20 euros, being that lunch is generally less expensive than supper. ... Costs are sensible, with suppers beginning at 9.50 euros including soup or plate of mixed greens and a fundamental course (pasta or vegetables.

Best things to do in Barcelona

Las Ramblas
Quit worrying about that a ton of local people disregard this grouping of promenades that gets from Plaça de Catalunya down to the Columbus Monument at the waterfront.

In case you're a vacationer it's a unique little something that you need to do. Get low cost airline tickets and visit here.

In summer you'll be under the shade of the tall plane trees and rearranging through the groups that pass living sculptures, road entertainers, feathered creature venders and bloom stands.

Sagrada Família
This is the place to start your experience through Barcelona and the illusory works of Antoni Gaudí.

His minor basilica is an undertaking of fantastic scope and aspiration that is still just around seventy five percent complete in excess of a 140 years after Gaudí first got included.

At the point when its towers are done it will be the tallest church working on the planet, and barely looks like any strict structure you'll have found in your life.

Casa Batlló
Another of Antoni Gaudí's most postcard-accommodating manifestations, this loft square wasn't made without any preparation however was a redesign embraced at the turn of the twentieth century.

You won't have to have visited Barcelona to perceive the structure's rooftop, the tiles of which are the sizes of an incredible winged serpent.

Like the entirety of his work within and outside of Casa Batlló has that twisted quality, with barely any straight lines, and astonishing meticulousness

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